Shopback and Cashrewards are undeniably Australia’s leading cashback platforms. Shopback entered the Australian market in 2018 following years of success in Singapore, after seeing Cashrewards rapid growth since its launch in 2014.

Fast forward to today and both cashback platforms consistently offer Aussies with a vast variety of compelling offers every day of the year. With so many deals and pages of information to sift through, for the everyday user it can be hard to determine which of these platforms is the real leader of the pack? Read on to find out…

Comparison of Shopback and Cashrewards

When compared at a high level, Shopback and Cashrewards platforms provide a very similar proposition and offering when considering their retail partners, technology and monetisation.

Gift CardsYesYes
Card-Linked OffersYesYes
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Browser PluginChrome, Safari, FirefoxChrome, Firefox, Edge
Minimum Withdrawal$10.01$10.01
MethodsBank, PaypalBank, Paypal
Refer a Friend bonus$10 for you$30 for you

In fact, when reviewing the summary of attributes for each, the only discernible difference is the Member referral bonus and even that varies regularly with special promotions.

Of course, as we all know, the devil is in the detail and this certainly holds true in the cashback world. So let’s examine a few lesser known points of difference between each of these popular platforms.


  • Shopback Pay – Shopback has these cool instore QR codes at the counter of some restaurants and cafes. Scan them with your Shopback mobile app, and you can receive cashback on your meal or drinks when paying with your linked card.
  • Westpac partnership – Card holders of Westpac cards can unlock bonus cashback


  • Profitable offers – Believe it or not, sometimes it’s possible to make a profit on cashback offers – that is, to receive more in cashback than on your initial purchase! Recently Cashrewards has run several such offers, here’s hoping there’s more to come.
  • Starlight Foundation – A portion of earnings from each cashback offers goes to a charity supporting children.

Which Is Better: Shopback or Cashrewards?

With so many similarities it’s tough to decide which platform, Shopback vs Cashrewards, will be best for you. What we generally recommend in order to determine the maximum benefits for you, is to take some time to match your daily spending habits against the merchants on each platform and run the numbers.

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