G’day, I’m Jake. I live on the Gold Coast, enjoy tinkering with ecommerce and marketing technologies and am the Founder of The Freedom Chaser blog.

I was introduced to cashback websites in 2015, when I first discovered local Australian startup Cashrewards. After making a few purchases through the platform, I was hooked, and have remained so ever since.

All of our blog posts are researched and written from scratch.  We can’t test every single cashback offer but I do conduct extensive market research amongst my own community of industry experts and end-users as the basis of my recommendations.  It takes a long time to do this, but it means you don’t have to.

I enjoy speaking with people who have similar interests, so please feel free to drop me a line regarding anything on this website. I hope you find this blog useful and that it helps you to take advantage of more cashback opportunities to put more cash back into your wallet!